Investment For Development For Innovation For Quality of Life

Wathbah is a Saudi Investment Company specialized in real estate residential and commercial investment, development, and innovation

Wathbah is a Saudi investment company founded in 2018 in Riyadh. It is a leading company in the development of unique real estate projects, relying on the accumulated experience of its team over the past thirty years in real estate development and innovation.


In strong products, promising opportunities, and attractive ideas, and developing them to achieve our goals and the goals of our partners.


Creativity and breaking away from the ordinary, leveraging local and global experiences to create ideas, designs, and products that meet user needs in contemporary changes and ensure their continued value and quality over the years.


Developing promising ideas and products suitable for taking them to further stages and better investment feasibility.

Our projects are based on achieving diversity and inclusivity, built on the foundation of well-being and happiness, in line with the requirements of local communities.

A villa with a new concept

Multiple Locations - Riyadh

A project that carries a unique identity in terms of design concept

Residential villas in a modern style

Al-Malqa - Riyadh

Villas with a total area of 2200 square meters and consists of 6 villas

Commercial project in Riyadh

Almohammadiyah - Riyadh

Commercial project under construction in the Almohammadiyah district