Wathbah is a Saudi Investment Company specialized in real estate residential and commercial investment, development, and innovation

Wathbah is a Saudi investment company founded in 2018 in Riyadh. It is a leading company in the development of unique real estate projects, relying on the accumulated experience of its team over the past thirty years in real estate development and innovation.

Innovation and development of leading, promising investment projects and opportunities, keeping pace with progress and sustainability. Providing a different, new, distinctive, and integrated customer experience.

Developing promising projects and taking them to exceptional investment stages, delivering a distinctive and ongoing customer experience.

Diversity in Investment

Diversity in opportunities, ideas, products, and destinations tailored to each target audience individually.

Trust and Credibility

Through communication, interaction, collaboration, participation, and promises, both before, during, and after achieving successful partnerships.

Openness to Best Practices

Continual awareness and monitoring of global changes, benefiting from exceptional experiences to adapt to local requirements, circumstances, and changes.

Expertise and Proficiency

Focusing on our specialization, advancing it, paying attention to details, covering both major and minor aspects related to either the business or residential experience.

Quality and Attention to Detail

Not just for creating products and investment opportunities, but to set an exemplary standard and an inspirational reference, deserving appreciation over the years, for the quality of the experience itself and for the quality of life.


In strong products, promising opportunities, and attractive ideas, and developing them to achieve our goals and the goals of our partners.


Creativity and breaking away from the ordinary, leveraging local and global experiences to create ideas, designs, and products that meet user needs in contemporary changes and ensure their continued value and quality over the years.


Developing promising ideas and products suitable for taking them to further stages and better investment feasibility.


Feasibility Study and Opportunities Assessment


Research and Analysis


Planning and Strategy


Design and Innovation


Supervision and Execution


Management and Operations


After-Sales Services

Our projects are built on united teamwork to ensure their enduring strength, continued excellence, and the reaffirmation of their quality over the years and changes